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Company Naming

Tag Lines/Slogans

Payoff Lines


Final Check



Businesses have approached us on a few occasions with a weak, or even non existent, company name.


It is of high importance to have a company name that is unique, captivating, and perhaps also descriptive of what you intend to deliver.


Whether your business is fun and personable, or more corporate, we can help you create the perfect name for it.


We often cleverly play on subject related words, or look at any existing branding that you may have to create a name to suit.


Market research is key, so we check the competition and availability, before we return three different name options for you to choose from.

Once you’ve decided on your company name, we offer the service of creating tag lines to go alongside it.


Tag lines are very important to businesses. They give more individuality, and will often endear potential customers with their fun or poetic nature.


When creating tag lines, we consider; what the business has to offer, the target audience, how the branding looks, and of course what the existent company name is.


Once ready, we return three varying tag lines for you to choose from. 

We love inventing catchy, and inventive one-liners for marketing purposes. 


Whether it be for a social media feed, your website, or any other marketing material, we are happy to assist in giving your brand a stronger appearance through the clever use of words.


We have a number of clients who hire us to write enough short and captivating pieces for marketing purposes, that last them for months at a time.


We do as many as you request, based on whatever subject matter is right for you.

Having well written content is of the utmost importance to any company. It should be informative, but equally interesting for the audience to read. 


Many business owners simply don’t have time to write long pieces of descriptive and captivating text when building their brand, and this is why we’re here to help.


We work closely with our clients so that we fully understand what they are hoping to achieve through the words that they display on their website, and other material.


We will give a time frame and price estimation upon request, and offer minor adjustments once the piece is written to ensure that our clients walk away feeling completely satisfied with our work.

When given the task of completing large written assignments, checking for errors is essential before submitting to any examining board.


It’s easy to let small mistakes pass you by, when your main focus is to complete the overall assignment by a certain deadline.


Having a fresh pair of eyes look through your work is priceless, and can make a difference to your final grade.


We happily take any written work to check, and will have it back to you within three days of you submitting it to us.


This service is designed specifically for students, and is a cost effective package.

Thorough proofreading is essential before publishing any piece of written work.


Flaws in written content can quickly tarnish your image, and make your level of professionalism questionable to others.


We offer a comprehensive proofreading service. 


Time frames and pricing are available upon request, once we know how long the piece that we’re going to work on is.

Once we’ve proofread your work, and highlighted the flaws, we offer the additional service of editing them to save you the hassle.


The proofreading and editing services go hand in hand, and therefore we price them as a package if you choose both.


If you’ve had your work proofread by someone else, and flaws are already made clear, we can charge for this service individually to simply change what has been highlighted.